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hAY GuYZe!"!!121`!q

2010-11-16 17:24:02 by TEhLIamiuSES

i W0z jUSte sUErFIN tAh SIet ADn Fo0REt id pOESt ANUvvEre pIK of bUsT3r fROm ArE hoLIDAIZe!1!!!
tiS Iz wEN He gOT ReLLy biG ADn wENT On A RAmPaeg!!211qw!

oOLOolololoololoool!121!1q1!Q!! no NOt ReLLY!!!21!!`1q hEEze jsUE cl0eS TO tEh KaMRA!"11q1`1!Q!!"!1

hAY GuYZe!"!!121`!q


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2010-11-22 03:06:18

=D i like the picture, but its dam hard reading what you wrote

TEhLIamiuSES responds:

wIELl dEn y0U shoUdl g3t gL4ssIS dEN!!"1111!12


2010-12-15 13:15:16

1337 speak for the lulz XD

TEhLIamiuSES responds:

oMtIsh f0r TEh luLz XP